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Hirfanli Dam Lake

Its including areas; Kaman, Center of Kirsehir, Evren, Sereflikochisar. Square Measure: 26300 ha. which was completed in 1959 in order the produce electricity, to prevent the floods and use in watering and was opened for operating on 8th of January in 1960, is a big dam lake in the north-east of Lake Salt (Tuz Gölü) and placed on Kizilirmak.

In the dam whose deepest part is 70 meters the most water birds number found in the recent year is 133809. For the reason that it is very big the whole area is no counted in the same day, so it has been thought that the exact number of the water birds spending the winter there is more than this number.

Hirfanli Dam Lake, known as ''the sea of the middle Anatolia'' has been taking attentions with its peerless view , beaches and social foundations. Besides in the villages around Hirfanli Dam Lake fishing is a considerable income sources. Toklumen Village, 50 kilometers far away from Kirsehir, Sidikli Buyukoba Village, 25 km far away from Kirsehir. Among the places used as camp site in near the dam lake, Yesilli, Uzunali and Karadurakli Villages 27 and 30 km far away from Kirsehir in summers. There are activities like underwater sport, sail, oar and kano.     

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