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Kirsehir Terme Geothermal Area
It is in Kusdilli District in city center. The terme geothermal area is one of the most important areas of Kirsehir. In the area, thermal tourism, commercial growing of hothouse flowers, vegetables and fruits and city heating are performed.

There are many springs in this area. The wells which are in 92-500 m depth have got temperature between 30,3-57 celsius degree and flow between 5,2-88,5 L/Sec. Total flow of the nine wells are 349,8 L/Sec.

In term of the physical, chemical analysis report and medical evaluation of Istanbul University Medical Ecology and Hydro Climatology Observation and Application center about Terme Spa, it is generally useful to arrange the possibilities of bath pool, drinking and inhalation cure in the spa application done by this kind of mineral water. With this application;
-In the chronic periods of rheumatismal diseases,
-In arteriosclerosis,
-In rehabilitation of palsies,
-In inadequacy depending on negative nervous breakdown, in surmenaj and in fatigue,
-In diseases depending on diabetes, gland and fatness,
-In liver, gall bladder, stoach, intestine diseases,
-In hyper blood-pressure, chronic bronchitis, the dermatitis of upper respiratory ways; positive results are taken.

In the analysis report done by Prof. Dr. Fritz Baade about Terme Spa, these expressions have been used; ''These water is found uncommonly not only in Turkey but in Europe. It is a kind of hot peptic carbonaceous steely mineral-water. It is necessary to compare this water with Bed Prymenede Water which is eminent for gynecological diseases, anemia and heart diseases to understand its importance. Bed Pyrmenede Water is carbonaceous steely mineral-water like Terme water. This water can not emerge by itself and emerging it by pumps reduces its carbon. It can be easily understood that Terme water which gushes from rocks directly by 41,5 degree with its own artesian force is so precious contrary to Bed Pyrmenede.''


There are four tourist facilities established to offer service for whom wants to benefit from healing water of Kirsehir. These are five star Makissos Thermal Village that was situated 2,5 km far from city center. In thermal settlement there are total 201 rooms including 180 standard, 2 physically disabled, 18 suites and 1 king room, also there are 56 terrace house including 1+1 and 2+1, Three star Grand Terme Hotel with 132 room 264 bed capacity, Three star Temur Thermal Hotel with 79 room 160 bed capacity and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center part of Ahi Evran University with 22 room 44 bed capacity.  

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