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Kirsehir is a lovely city located in middle Anatolia, history of city dates back approximately 5000 years ago. For centuries, Kirsehir has been an important place especially with its cultural values. As it is well known, Kirsehir has a significant history. Therefore its houses a lot of historical values in it.

Kirsehir where the dough of our national culture was kneaded is a historical and cultural city which not only has got a lot of historical monuments but also keep alive some significant cultures.

Kirsehir, incorporating many civilization in its such as Hittite, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman had its most brilliant period called as process of Turk and Islamization of Anatolia in 13th century.

During this period, Kirsehir hosted, Ahi Evran Veli, the founder of the Ahi Institution which is called world's first non-governmental movements regulating public life, Aşık Paşa, one of the pioneers of Turkish Language, Süleyman Türkmani, Gülşehri, Yunus Emre and Hacı Bektaşi Veli, people of love and peace of mind, Cacabey who founded his madrasa and administered astronomy education and Şeyh Edebali, the spiritual founder of Ottoman Empire.

Kirsehir is one of the candidate city to be a culture and tourism center of future, embodies Dulkadirli, Mucur and Kepez underground cities, Kaman Kalehoyuk Excavation Area in which excavations have been made by Japan-Anatolia Archeology Institute since 1986 and a lot of historical monuments were obtained, Kalehoyuk Archeology Museum and Japan Garden founded in the same area.

Kirsehir has some natural resources such as Seyfe Lake Bird Sanctuary, a habitat of the some bird species including Flamingos, Hirfanli Dam Lake called the Sea of the Central Anatolia. Moreover Kirsehir is a recreation center in terms of health tourism with healing waters of Terme, Karakurt Bulamacli Thermal Sprigs.

Kirsehir has efforts to evaluate its historical and cultural richness within tourism industry. Particularly, it reaches its deserved position at thermal tourism, cultural tourism, eco-tourism and religious tourism areas quickly.

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