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Ahi Evran Veli

Statue Of Ahi Evran 

Ahi Evran Mosque is located in the centre of Kirsehir, in the neighborhood, which has the same name Ahi Evran. During the Ottoman Empire, Ahi Evran Zaviye was the spiritual center for the Turkish leather craftsmen and tradesmen.

Ahi Evran Veli who was founder of the Ahi Organization was born in the Azerbaijan's town which was called Hoy, died in Kirsehir at the age of 93. He went to Maveraunnehir and Horasan and attended to the famous wise Fahruddini Razi's classes. He had received first Sufism manners from Ahmet Yesevi, went to the Maveraunnehir and Horasan and he had followed famous scholar Fahruddini Razi's courses in his youth period.

Ahi Evran wrote books about the commentary, the Prophet Mohammad's saying, utterrance, canon jurisprudence and mysticism. Furthermore, he was a versatile scientist and philosophers who had knowledge about philosophy, medicine and chemistry. He translated İbni Sina and Fahruddini Razi's works into Persian.

After walking several provinces in Anatolia Ahi Evran has finally come to Kirsehir and established the Ahi Organization which is a harmonious combination of art with morality was giving way to the tradesmen and craftsmen for centuries.

Ahi Union means; an organization of art, trade, solidarity and helping each other, which was grown up and became widespread among Turkish people. Ahi Union is an organization that is based on intelligence, ethics, science and working principles which maintains job ethics, capital and labour's work, and it has properties like cooperatives, syndicates, social security, quality and price control systems.

In Ahi Union the persons who promote from master-builder position to expert position are worn a belt called ''şed''. By this way the expert who enters futuvvet way, stays tied to the principle; ''keep your hand, table and door open, keep your tongue, eye and waist tied''.

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