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Mucur Obruk Lake

Mucur Obruk Lake
Obruk lake is in the 30 kilometres south of Kirsehir and 10 kilometres south of Mucur District and in the 1 kilometre north of the Kirsehir-Kayseri highway and almost near the Obruk Village.

It has been seen that Obruk Lake, which was announced as a natural site with the decision dated 20.09.1991, the environment of the lake is incircled with the natural rocks that reminds simply a wall.

The depth up to the take level is about 100 metres and its diameter is approximately 900 metres. The depth of the lake water is about 4 or 5 metres and has been known that somewhere there are very deep parts. Fish species such as carp, mirror carp and green tench live in the lake. Almost half surface of the lake is covered with the reed beds and other water plants.

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